Accidentally signed up for 2023 instead of 2024

TLDR: I thought I was submitting an application for 2024. It turns out it was a 2023 application. Now the Marketplace rep I talked to is saying that I have to restart my deductible and max-out-of-pocket despite the fact that I've already met both.

I'm currently on a Medica plan for 2023. Due to multiple surgeries both the $1500 deductible and $9000 max has been met. Since it's open enrollment I wanted to switch plans for 2024 so I completed an application. After completion I noticed that the new plan had a 12/1/2023 ejector date, and that somehow I updated my application for 2023 instead of enrolling for 2024.

The only change on the 2024 application vs 2023 is an update to our income to reflect our increase in social security benefits. This must've somehow been flagged as a life changing event that allowed the switch to a new plan.

The marketplace is telling me that I can update to go back on the Medica plan, but my deductible and max will be reset to 0.

How can we fix this so that the plan remains the same for December 2023 and so that the deductible /max doesn't get reset?

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