Cigna: In-App Consent for Automatic Claim Filing?

Hey there— question for anyone with Cigna, or I suppose to the general insured population:

If you open the myCigna app, go to your profile settings, and under “Manage My Coverage” you have the “Automatic Filing of Supplemental Health Insurance Claims” tab and once opened, you are prompted with the option to consent to “Automatic Claim Filing”

Below is the prompt:

We can look for additional supplemental health claim opportunities and automatically file a claim for you by using your other claim data, such as your medical claims. If you don't provide consent, you will need to submit your supplemental health claims on your own.

Do we have permission to look for supplemental health claim opportunities across other claim data?

What exactly does consenting to this entail and why would I even need to? Could there be any negative actions, or consequences, for enrolling in this? What would be the benefit of consenting be?

Sorry if this has already been asked or if there is an obvious answer to this! Appreciate any help you can offer!!

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