Cigna: "specialist office surgery" vs. "hospital facility surgery"?


Hey all, hopefully someone can help me out because I'm extremely confused about what it's going to cost to get a special surgery for my septum. (Not a deviated septum.)

• Specialist office surgery – $80

• Outpatient hospital facility surgery – $1,800 + 10% until OOP max met. (Which is like $8000+ lol). I guess I do not have a deductible according to the last Cigna agent I spoke with.

So my surgeon created an estimate using my Cigna ID number and it came out to my patient responsibility is $80, i.e. my copay for a Specialist Office Surgery. This doesn't cover the "surgery center fees & anesthesia fees."

I don't really understand how this is being billed because I called the surgeon office back to figure out how to get the anesthesia & surgery center fees, they gave me the number to the hospital where I guess I'm having surgery..??? So now does that make it an outpatient surgery?

I called the hospital and spoke with billing and they estimated $1400 in liability fees. Does not include anesthesia, haven't figured that out yet.

Called Cigna to verify that my estimate from surgeon is correct at least, but they stated it's actually the outpatient charge and not the specialist office surgery charge… so it's $1400 + $1800 + 10%? Then they said they cover anesthesia 90% and center fees 90%?

I am so confused. I asked if it's possible to ask the doctor to do the surgery in the office instead of the hospital. She said I can ask that. It would be $80 for the surgeon, $80 for the anesthesia and $80 for the center fees?

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This is all so complicated and I don't really understand. This surgery is really important to me so if anyone can help me… Also am I able to ask the surgeon to do the surgery in office instead of at the hospital?

Thank you.

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