EILI5 — Procedure coming up and first time using our new insurance. I need help understanding the my portion?

If I’m reading this right — and maybe I’m not — I have a thoracic surgery scheduled which will probably be in the tens of thousands of dollars and require 1-2 revisions just by the nature of the damage after a car wreck. This is the first time I’ll be using our new insurance. I’m a little green.

If my deductible is $1K, and my insurance benefit says max out of pocket is $6K, the coinsurance is a 70/30 —

If the first procedure costs $28K — I’ll have to pay $1K for the deductible and just up to $6K max out of pocket and BCBS is covering the rest — as in I am paying the $1K deductible, and an additional $5K because max out of pocket is $6K and then regardless of if the follow ups cost $89000 I’m good?

Either way, I’ve been stashing some back in our savings because we knew this was coming but we’re young and I’m a little green to having my own insurance.

I grew up in a bit of an impoverished background. Decided to go to school in my early 20s. Up until now, my disabled mother had chips and then I had Medicaid/Unicare so getting a decent job with big girl insurance is all new to me and I’m just trying to wrap my head around everything so I know how to plan ahead going into the new year and getting read. I’m also trying to push this procedure out to January because new year — if I’m spending big, may as well know the rest of the year is good for any other needs that arise.

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