Forgot to cancel COBRA coverage – unique situation

The IT sales company I worked for has been slowly dying the past year. The owner retired after 50 years and gave the company to his son, who quickly drove it into the ground. The son stopped paying our vendor bills, our service providers, etc. It quickly became extremely difficult to work in IT sales when all your avenues where being closed off due to lack of payment. As of December he owed millions in total to various vendors of ours. I lost out on atleast 15k+ in commisions as I had orders from my customers I couldn't book due to us not paying our bills. I finally got a new job in February and only needed cobra for one month. I'm sure I told the HR lady this but I can't find any emails proving this. They just called me the other day and said they never received payment from me for the last 2 months of COBRA, which would total around 3100.00. I should mention the company just fired the last of the 4 sales execs middle of May. The company now has approx 5 people that are in the main office trying to collect past due balances from their customers before they completely close the doors.

I told the woman that I only needed COBRA for a month, she said she'd call to see if they could wave the fees as I was already on my new policy, with the same carrier, just a different employer. Given the fact that I lost 15k+ in income because they stopped paying their bills…..I again have no desire to pay them 3100. What would you do…..given they will be closed in a month, 2 at most.

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