Got job offer, would have to switch to Cigna from BCBS. Is Cigna bad enough to turn job down given we have a college kid who needs brain surgery?

Husband is in the fortunate position of being offered a new job and having to choose. Current job has BCBS. Company pays for so much if it that the premiums are super low for a BCBS plan with a $1000 family OOP max and super low deductibles. (It’s a new plan they are switching to in Jan.) Even the low-end plan offered has better deductibles and OOP max than the premium plan at the new company.

New company is Cigna Open Access Plus. Super high premiums, super high deductibles.

When we do the math, even with a raise at the new job, paychecks differences are negligible, with the new job coming out on top by a small amount. (The premiums are so high, they lower our pre-tax income by a lot and reduce our tax liability.)

New job has greater growth potential over time. Old job has plateaued after 10 years. New company’s stock and overall outlook are more secure. Old company keeps sending out red alerts for 2023 Q1 and stock has dropped by 71% in a year.

That said, we have several surgeries needed in our family next year. College daughter needs surgery to remove a brain AVM. We had not yet selected a surgeon, so we aren’t tied to a provider yet. She is epileptic. Old company plan, all MRIs are covered 100% in or out of network.

I also need septoplasty and a hysterectomy due to fibroids.

I’m reading nightmare stories about Cigna denying coverage for so many things. My husband prefers the new job in professional terms, but really wants to make sure we don’t put our daughter at risk by ending up with Cigna. I’m sure I can find plenty of BCBS horror stories as well but I haven’t looked them up yet.