How do I use PrudentRx? Someone help me make sense of this.

I take humira and have been using the rebate program to pay for the meds, as well as reach my deductible and work toward OOP throughout the year. Recently, I started getting letters from PrudentRx encouraging me to enroll.

I was very hesitant, as once I looked them up, I realized their payments do not count toward deductible or OOP. But I thought I might be required to enroll, so I called them and asked, and to my surprise, they told me I'm not required and it's only if i want to. One thing that confused me, is in the PrudentRx letter, it said that the cost of my meds under PrudentRx will be $0 only once the deductible has been met. This confused me, because how will I ever meet my deductible if they are using the copay assistance card, and those cards never count toward the deductible? So then I called the Humira insurance specialist and told them this, and asked what to do. They encouraged me to enroll, and said if I am eligible for PrudentRx, then I don't qualify for Complete Rebate anymore.

Then I later called back again, spoke with a different person. And I got a different answer. I asked but how does this deductible thing work with PrudentRx? They told me starting next year, I will use the complete rebate program to meet my deductible, then after that it will switch over to PrudentRx to cover the rest, that i can't use complete rebate once the deductible is met. To me, this makes no sense. I thought PrudentRx's goal was to drain the copay card for their own profits, and the only way they can do that is if the deductible is never met? Can someone explain please. I'm so stressed out over this

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