Is there anything I can do to get my insurance to lower the cost of brand name Adderall XR?

Long story short, I’ve been on Adderall XR for 5 years or so, and the first few years I was still on my dad’s insurance and his insurance only covered brand.

Fast forward to 2022, I turned 26 and had to get insurance through my job. My job’s plan is generic only when one is available. Brand name Adderall XR is also on the formulary, but it’s wicked expensive. When I occasionally get brand name, only the cost up to the amount of the generic goes towards my deductible. (Brand name is $200, generic is like $70, so when I fill my prescription with brand name, only $70 goes towards my deductible). My insurance is also an HSA PPO, and everything is out of pocket until I meet my $2,000 deductible which likely won’t happen unless I have an emergency.

The problem is, the Adderall generics don’t feel like the same medication. It’s a night and day difference. Both in efficiency and predictability. And each generic feels different too. It’s mentally exhausting when I know the brand name works exceptionally well for me. Is there anything I or my doctor can do to have the price of brand name lowered to the cost of what the generic would be? I’ve been specifically requesting brand name the last couple of months but this month I couldn’t afford it. Any help or information would be so greatly appreciated.

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