Need help navigating health insurance process in Canada as a refugee


So, I'm kind of confused and don't know where to start. I am a Ukrainian adult. I will be travelling to Canada (Manitoba) around December under the Authorization for the Emergency Travel due to the war. I do have a work permit but my main activity will be studying in the University of Manitoba. I understand. my status in Canada allows me to enter public healthcare system ( I also have some health insurance from my University.

However, as far as I understand, none of those cover much dental procedures. And I, unfortunately, happen to have bad genetics when it comes to teeth. I've been having cavities every year, and I am currently in the process of wearing retainers (?) to widen my jaw because as of now it's not able to support the braces that has been presribed to me. I was told by my Ukrainian dentist that the reason I'be been having so much dental problems (cavities and other) is due to the fact my teeth grew not exactly the way they've been supposed to, so it's more of a medical problem than a visual one.

Now, I was an exchange studet in the US once, so I know how insurance generally works – plans, network, co-payments, waiting periods, preauthorization, etc. My questions are: is it possible to buy a dental insurance with the goal of using it to offset some of the costs while I'm undergoing a continious procedue? Where would be a good place to start and how would I go about it? What are enrollment periods in Canada? If this whole idea is not realistic, what would be a viable alternative?

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I was supposed to come to Canada later, after the braces would have been installed, however, due to some family circumstances, it is not possible.

Thank you in advance!

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