Provider conducted blood tests through Quest without prior authorization from insurance, now owe Quest $$$

Went to a hematologist to deal with a blood clot. In my first visit, the Dr. told me he was going to run a bunch of blood tests and took out like 8-10 vials of blood. Months later, I get a bill from Quest Diagnostics for around $5,000, citing that a few of the codes required prior authorization that was never given. Insurance is telling me they never received prior authorization. Provider is telling me they did but have been unable to provide me with any documents (or recognizable authorization codes) to pass along to my insurance.

If this was the Doctor asking for payment, they wouldn't have a leg to stand on as they never received the auth. But this is Quest that is asking for payment and have sent bills stating that they would take me to collections if not paid asap, so now I am caught in the middle here. Insurance saying its my provider, provider saying its insurance, Quest saying they don't care they just want the money. My provider told me to initiate an appeal and that they could send me a letter to help prove why the tests were necessary, but the 3rd party who handles appeal requests for these types of tests told me only the provider can initiate these requests. Dr has no incentive to continue helping here, and I am at wits end and starting to accept that fact that I have to pay this monster bill. Any advice on next steps would be greatly appreciated.

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