What doctor should I go to? What does this sound like to you?

What type of specialized doctor do you think I should go to?

F24, smoker, weight: 61.2 kilos, height: 174 cm Lost 7 kilos in the last 2 months, and have had a lot of stress I’m slowly coming out of

Any leads on which type of specialized doctor I should go to?

I had an extreme amount of stress in the last 3 months worried over a pregnancy scare due to sudden change to period and ovary cramping. I’ve done multiple tests, 1 blood test and 2 abdominal ultrasounds – all negative. (It was a non pIV encounter)

OBG said all is normal in terms of cysts ect.

I’ve come to terms with the fact that I’m not pregnant but cannot understand for the life of me, what’s going on to my body or who/what doctor I should go to.

Symptoms: Most persistent 2 symptoms have been slow-moving bowels/ only switches to diarrhea when I’m on my period

And pelvic pain, like the area around my hip has a random sharp feeling that comes and goes

Ovary throbbing on and off (or at least I think so) Lower middle abdomen has a strange feeling in between cramping/laxative like pain Stomach is twitching quite strongly with my heart beat Side of head headache that either comes and goes or slightly a dull pain EXTREMELY light periods (only goes down when I’m sitting on toilet, barely on the pad but extremely clotty) (I’m typically a heavy flow) Periods been later every cycle since the stress Lack of appetite Stomach makes water like noises when I massage it My nipples seem darker but I’m not sure Muscle spasms in the stomach? Like the sensation of these weird air bubbles popping? At random locations in the body but mostly on the right side

I should note that I lost 7 kilos from the stress in those 2 months and traveled quite a lot (roughly 11 flights)

But I’m barely bloated?? Which I usually am? And I’m surprised since I’m not really getting rid of my meals the way I normally do (typically go number 1-3 times a day, but I now barely going once a day? It’s just tiny attempts? So how am I barely bloated?

Since all the science suggested I’m not pregnant, I want to start looking for whatever this is, and understand why or how it was triggered by stress?

I had a hunch it could be low progesterone from stress over this scare? But I’m unsure? Or maybe an IBS flare – I just don’t understand how this all happened and why? It’s like the universe is playing a trick on me to stay slightly worried 0.2% its a pregnancy although I know it’s not so I want to start to get some answers

Any advice w which doctors I should go to?

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