2025 BMW Z4 M40i with a manual: Here are the details on features and pricing

2025 BMW Z4 M40i with a manual: Here are the details on features and pricing

Back in December, we got our first spin in the 2025 BMW Z4 with the newly available manual transmission. It’s a welcome addition to the roadster, and it brings more to the table than just the transmission, as it’s part of a package with other tweaks. And we now know that it will cost buyers $3,500 on top of the base price (still unannounced) of a Z4 M40i.

This does differ somewhat to the strategy of Toyota with its version of the Z4, the Supra. The Supra offers its manual transmission option at no extra charge, though, and like the Z4, the manual is exclusive to the turbocharged 3.0-liter six-cylinder engine. And while 2025 Z4 pricing isn’t out, it’s clear the BMW will be more expensive, as the 2024 model starts at just over $67,000 with destination. So we’re expecting a manual 2025 will crest $70,000.

But the manual transmission isn’t the only thing that comes with the Z4’s new package. BMW has given this version of the M40i unique suspension, steering, limited-slip differential and traction control tuning (which, to be fair, Toyota also updated suspension, steering and traction settings for the manual Supra). The transmission itself is also tweaked to BMW’s preferences, so it isn’t exactly the same as what Toyota is using. And our time in the car proved that all the changes do make for a more fun and engaging drive, even beyond just getting to shift for ourselves. Indeed, the 0-60 mph time drops from 3.9 seconds to 4.2, but as with the Supra, we think that’s a negligible tradeoff.

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But there are visual changes, too. The manual M40i is the only Z4 to get staggered wheels with 19-inch units at the front and 20-inch at the back. It comes standard with the black mirror, grille and badge trims that are optional on the regular version. Plus there are unique paint and interior selections. Two green hues, San Remo Green and Frozen Deep Green (a matte color part of the BMW Individual program), are only offered with the manual package. The same goes for a black and Cognac leather interior with black piping.

The updated Z4 will fully launch in March. Pricing will likely become available closer to that launch time.

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