Comment Of The Day: Perspective Edition

Comment Of The Day: Perspective Edition

Photo: Emily Elconin (Getty Images)

Remember the Freedom Convoys, those ragtag groups of anti-vax conspiracy theorists who protested Covid-19 vaccine mandates through the time-honored public participation method of Big Truck? Well, there’s another one, and this time it’s about the border.

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They’re the latest participants in a whole fight taking place in Texas, where states are pushing back against the Supreme Court and the entire concept of federal authority. Did you know a number of states have signed on to a Texan statement explicitly littered with secessionist verbiage? That’s a real thing that’s happening right now! Anyway, 4jim broke down exactly why so many retirees are trundling on down from Virginia to… personally defend the border? Fight the U.S. Army? It’s not really clear.

What 4jim really gets to here is the idea of perspective. If you are told one thing your entire life, you experience one sort of lifestyle and interact with one sort of person, then your worldview is far more limited than you ever realize. You may think you know how the world works, but you don’t know just how much there is that you don’t know.

We’ve all, at some point in our lives, come to terms with our lack of perspective on the world. We’re all works in progress — none of us know every fuckin’ thing, and from time to time we all have to contend with just how limited our perspective on the world is. It’s those moments where you really see what someone is like: Do they take new information as it comes, and consider it in their worldview, or do they dig their heels in and refuse to see what’s right in front of them?

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Congratulations, 4jim, on your COTD win. May we all have a bit more perspective on the things in life that really matter. And, now that that’s all over with, we can go on yelling at each other about car minutiae.

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