F**k Elon’ Sprayed On 34 Cybertrucks Stored In Florida

F**k Elon’ Sprayed On 34 Cybertrucks Stored In Florida

If I see a message scrawled on a car, it’s usually something dumb like “clean me” or “my other car is a Porsche.” However, one budding artist in Florida has taken their vehicular vandalism up a notch by writing “Fuck Elon” on more than 30 Tesla Cybertrucks in storage.

Tesla’s Cybertruck Has Finally Arrived

A parking lot filled with 34 shiny new Cybertrucks was hit last Friday. The collection of Cybertrucks was being stored at a lot in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, when they were, hit reports Futurism.

Dozens of Tesla Cybertrucks vandalized with vulgar message for Elon Musk

The trucks were being stored at the parking lot with little security, Futurism reports, before Tesla shipped the Cybertrucks out to their new owners. Because of the open storage location, the messages were spotted by a passing local who reported the incident to police. As Futurism reports:

“Vandalism is not acceptable,” the passerby, Yasser Rabello, told the local TV news outlet, stating the obvious. “It is illegal.”

Later that day, all the Cybertrucks — which are collectively worth around $2.7 million — were wiped clean and started attracting local residents and the curious who had gotten wind of the curse-laden graffiti job on the Tesla vehicles.

“It was just one row and then it was a second row, and then a third row and a fourth row,” Adam Docktor, who works in the neighborhood, told WPLG Local 10 about when he first say the tagged vehicles.

The spray paint might have been wiped off almost as quickly as it appeared, but that hasn’t brought an end to the issue, as police are now scrambling to find out who wrote the messages. No arrests have yet been made, but police told NBC News in South Florida that an investigation into the spray painting is ongoing.

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The spray painting was carried out while the trucks were safely parked up in storage, before they could get out onto America’s roads and terrorize people with their sticky pedals, ridiculously sharp bodywork and openings that are hungry for limbs.