Lancia Is Teasing Something, and It Might Be a New Stratos

Lancia Is Teasing Something, and It Might Be a New Stratos

Image: Stellantis

Lancia is teasing a new concept car that its planning to unveil on April 15. No one knows what it is or what it could be. But from a teaser image the brand shared, it just may be a concept of some kind of future Stratos, the legendary sports/race car from the brand. Whatever it turns out to be, Lanica needs it quickly.

In case you missed it:

Lancia Ypsilon

Image: Stellantis

I thought brands like Chrysler and Mitsubishi had sad lineups. Lanica’s lineup will make you want to go ask someone if they’re taking donations. They currently sell just one model, a small city car called the Yplsion that’s available in a two or four-door hatchback. The brand hasn’t really had a proper lineup for years, either. A while back, it sold rebadged a Chrysler like the 300, which it called the Thema and came with a diesel V6 engine. There was also the Flavia, which was just a Chrysler 200 convertible.

1973 Lancia Stratos

1973 Lancia StratosImage: Stellantis

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If this concept turns out to be a new Stratos, it could inject some excitement into the brand. Only 492 of the roading going mid-engine rally cars were ever made between 1973 and 1978. It was a monster of a car that brought many rally wins for the brand. A few concept cars using the name have been shown over the years, but it has never been put back into production except for one instance.

Image for article titled Lancia Is Teasing Something, and It Might Be a New Stratos

Image: Manifattura Automobili Torino

In 2010, a new Stratos appeared with the financial backing of German billionaire Michael Stoschek. With a body designed by Pininfarina, it was rumored that 25 cars would be made. But Ferrari protested it because building it required a buyer to have a donor F430 to be used as a base for the car. Then Italian body company Manifattura Automobili Torino said they would make the 25. That was in 2018, and not much has been heard since.

Given the teaser image the brand released, you could almost safely say it’s going to show a Stratos. Given what we can see on the teaser, the car shown clearly has Stratos design themes, from the round tail light and a protruding rear bumper to a louvered-like rear window. The brand also says to stay tuned for a reveal of its “brand manifesto,” described as a 10-year roadmap for the company. If you’re rooting for Lancia, keep your fingers crossed that they show something great, they really need it.