Protect your hands while working with our favorite mechanic gloves

Protect your hands while working with our favorite mechanic gloves

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Mechanic work can cause scratches and severe injuries to unprotected hands. Buy premium-quality mechanic gloves to stay safe and protected. Mechanic work can take quite a toll on your hands. Given the nature of the job, you may not be able to avoid scratches altogether, but mechanic gloves can help prevent long-lasting damage to your hands. These gloves are designed to endure rough work without ripping quickly and keep your hands protected while withstanding maximum impact.

Mechanic gloves are very versatile and can be used for a wide range of applications, but choosing the right ones can be overwhelming, as they come in various sizes, materials, and fits. This detailed buying guide discusses different factors that determine high-quality mechanic gloves, and you should keep these in mind when choosing suitable gloves. We’ve also reviewed some of the top mechanic gloves down below, so get in gear to find the perfect mechanic gloves to protect your hands on all your heavy-duty jobs.

The best mechanic gloves models of 2022 in detail

Mechanix Wear Mechanic Gloves: High quality

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These Mechanix Wear mechanic gloves are made with breathable faux leather that can keep your hands comfortable while working. Form-fitting Trek Dry material keeps your hands cool and provides an excellent fit, and an industrial-grade loop and hook design reinforces the index finger and thumb, improving the gloves’ durability and overall performance. Featuring microfiber material, these mechanic gloves are durable and long-lasting. They feature a flexible Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR) closure, and this material has the properties of both plastic and rubber, providing a secure and easy fit around your wrist. You can use these gloves for shooting sports, military, law enforcement, and maintenance operations, and since these gloves are made of a high-quality material they’re top of our list.


Breathable material keeps hands cool
Touchscreen-capable synthetic leather design
Heavy-duty, long-lasting construction
Snug, comfortable fit


Do not have any insulation

VGO Mechanic Gloves: Stylish pick

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The VGO mechanic gloves offer maximum comfort and protection for all your heavy-duty work — these gloves have a stylish design that doesn’t compromise on practicality. Made with heavy-duty synthetic faux leather material, these gloves have 3D-structured PVC patches on their back that can provide excellent protection against impact. Their high dexterity EVA padding also provides stereoscopic vibration reduction. Thanks to these gloves’ machine-washable material, you can work efficiently without having to worry about dirt and dust. The 45-degree cutting angle and 3D pre-curved finger ensure a suitable fit with excellent breathability, flexibility, and comfort, and their specialized design makes these gloves a great choice for using power tools, riding a bike, construction work and so much more.


Terrycloth construction for maximum sweat absorption
Touchscreen-capable thumb and index fingertips
Impact and vibration-reduction design
Machine washable for trouble-free cleaning

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Not oil or grease-resistant

Gorilla Grip Mechanic Gloves: Great value

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These Gorilla Grip mechanic gloves are made with nylon and have a patented grip coating that offers comfort and durability. This coating offers a second-skin fit with no-slip technology, and since these gloves can maintain their grip in dry, wet, and oily conditions they’re a great choice for plumbing and oil-changing, as well as various mechanical and electrical jobs. These gloves’ polymer palm coating will push grease and fluids away from the gloves’ center to enhance grip, and they’re designed for comfort, breathability, and practicality while also coming at a great price. They’re available in various sizes and quantities, so whether you just want a single pair or feel like stocking up for the future, these mechanic gloves have got you covered.


Offers a strong grip on various surfaces
Breathable, no-slip design
Knit wrist keeps dirt out


Not touchscreen compatible

Grease Monkey Mechanic Gloves: Another great option

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These Grease Monkey mechanic gloves come in a 100-pack of nitrile, latex-free safety gloves. Nitrile gloves offer better resistance to oils and chemicals than latex can, and they’ll provide maximum oil and water resistance to keep your hands dry and clean. The high-quality design of these gloves lets them offer solid hand protection and agility for automotive-related work. Latex-free gloves are suitable for people that have sensitive skin — when your hands are comfortable, dry, and safe you can do your work more efficiently. These gloves are touchscreen compatible, making your life easier and saving time, and you can use them to paint, change oil and work with chemicals. These mechanic gloves can protect your hands and add extra grip to your daily tasks and general cleaning, and with their practical design, they’re wearable from both sides and will fit either hand.


High-quality, durable nitrile construction
Oil and water-resistant
The latex-free coating is beneficial for the skin
Comfortable, versatile fit


Fitting and size may vary for some

Gloveworks Mechanic Gloves: Good value

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These Gloveworks mechanic gloves are heavy-duty industrial-grade hand gear made with premium eight-mil nitrile material that comes in a pack of 100. Nitrile matches the comfort level of latex without any severe disadvantages and the gloves feature a raised diamond texture that offers an exceptional grip for ultimate comfort and functionality while working. The highly visible green color of these mechanic gloves is an added convenience feature — in case of emergencies, you’ll be able to identify them from a distance. These gloves measure 9.5 inches from cuff to fingertip. but since they have texture their sizes may not be the same as your regular hand gloves.


High-quality, durable construction
Raised diamond texture improves grip
Latex-free design — great for sensitive skin
High-visibility color


The vibrant green color can be offputting

Finding your next mechanic gloves: A buyer’s guide

Mechanic work is tough on the hands, but mechanic gloves can protect them against severe damage. With various styles, materials, colors, and designs available, it can be complicated to find the right ones. Read through this buyer’s guide to help find your perfect pair of mechanic gloves.

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Factors to consider when looking for mechanic gloves

You should keep these factors in mind when buying mechanic gloves for any heavy-duty activity: 


The first thing to consider when buying mechanic gloves is their durability. Since there are both disposable and reusable gloves available, durability also differs. If you purchase disposable gloves they shouldn’t tear easily or after a single use, and they should also be made to withstand chemical exposure. Reusable gloves should be made with a sturdy material that doesn’t rip or fade quickly.


When it comes to mechanic gloves, the grip is a crucial factor. Since you’ll use these gloves to hold and handle heavy machinery and tools, they should offer excellent grip. Even if you use these gloves for riding a bike, their grip should be practical enough to let you ride smoothly. Some gloves even have additional pads that can offer a better, more correct grip.

Tear resistance

Rips and tears are not a welcome feature in mechanic gloves. Whether you use disposable or reusable gloves, they’re pretty much useless if they don’t have tear resistance. Imagine changing your disposable gloves every few hours because the previous pair ripped — not an ideal situation. Make sure you get mechanic gloves made with sturdy and durable material that’s also rip-resistant.

Easy maintenance

You don’t have to worry about maintenance if you use disposable gloves, but if you buy reusable gloves make sure they’re machine-washable. Mechanic gloves are used in rough and dirty situations for handling different items, and they can get filthy pretty quickly. Investing in machine-washable gloves will make it easy to maintain and keep gloves clean for a long time.

Touchscreen sensitivity

While some may not see it as an essential feature, touchscreen sensitivity can be a practical feature for mechanic gloves. Since mechanics have to wear gloves for almost their entire shifts, it can be frustrating to have to take their gloves off just to answer a call or send a text. Having touchscreen-compatible gloves can improve productivity, letting you easily use your phone without taking off your gloves and then get right back to work.

Types of mechanic gloves

There are two primary types of mechanic gloves. Let’s take a look at these below:


The most commonly used mechanic gloves are disposable ones. These gloves are typically made with latex or nitrile, and mechanics often use disposable gloves while working and then throw them away after a day or as soon as they rip. These gloves are typically fluid-resistant, providing an excellent barrier to your hands against oil, brake fluid, and grease, and they’re also highly resistant to commercial chemicals.

While many disposable gloves have these features, their quality varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. How roughly you use them also determines their longevity.


Reusable gloves are made with sturdy materials, like leather, faux leather, goatskin, cowhide, or Velcro. These gloves last longer than disposable ones and are usually machine-washable, making it easy to keep them clean. While they are long-lasting, depending on how much you use them they may need replacement after a while.

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Benefits of mechanic gloves

Mechanic gloves can offer many benefits to those with heavy-duty jobs who want to protect their hands. Some of these benefits are:


An obvious advantage of mechanic gloves is protection. These gloves keep your hands safe from tears, rips, and scratches, and they also provide impact protection with additional padding and high-quality materials.

Chemical barrier

Mechanics have to come in contact with various chemicals every day. While not all chemicals are harmful to the skin, some are. Wearing disposable or reusable gloves provides a strong barrier against various chemicals, and as a result, your hands remain dry and safe. 

Gripping power

Gloves also improve your gripping power. Your hands may sweat or become saturated, making it difficult to grab objects. If you use mechanic gloves, they can allow you to easily hold on to different items. Gloves that have a textured surface or are made with no-slip materials are excellent for improving your gripping power. 

Callus prevention

If your job requires contact with brittle and rough objects, you have a higher chance of developing hand calluses. Using mechanic gloves, either disposable or reusable, significantly reduces the chances of developing calluses on your hands.

Reducing hand fatigue

Mechanic gloves not only protect your hands, but they also support them. This means they act as a second set of hands and bear the pressure from objects you handle. If you wear mechanic gloves, your hands may not feel as fatigued at the end of the day as they would without gloves.

What are mechanic gloves made of?

Mechanic gloves are made with various materials, and their material is a primary indicator of their function. Some commonly used materials for glove construction are:


Many disposable and reusable gloves are made with nitrile. This material is suitable for tasks associated with electric or chemical work. Nitrile gloves are also linked to hygiene requirements, so you may see these in hospitals and healthcare facilities.

Latex and PVC

Disposable and reusable gloves are also made with latex and PVC. While commonly available, latex gloves can cause skin allergies for individuals with sensitive skin. These are not suitable for long-time use.


Leatherwork gloves are heavy-duty gloves, but they’re usually expensive. As an alternative, faux leather is used for making gloves, and these are sturdy but don’t provide insulation or warmth.

Mechanic Gloves FAQs

Q: Are mechanic gloves one size fits all?

Mechanic gloves are not one-size-fits-all. Every manufacturer has a different size guide, and different types of gloves have varying sizes. Material can also influence glove size.

Q: Are mechanic gloves water-resistant?

Disposable mechanic gloves are usually water-resistant. Reusable mechanic gloves are made with different materials, so their water-resistance properties vary. Some gloves may be completely waterproof, while others may only wick away moisture.

Q: How long do mechanic gloves last?

The longevity of mechanic gloves depends on various factors. The type of glove and its material determines how long it will last, and frequency and intensity of usage may also affect its lifespan.