Suspected Car Thief Tries To Hide From Cops In Port-A-Potty, Gets Trapped Inside When Golfer Pushes It Over

Suspected Car Thief Tries To Hide From Cops In Port-A-Potty, Gets Trapped Inside When Golfer Pushes It Over

Photo: WISN 12 News

Stealing a car is a shitty thing to do, which an on-the-run suspected car thief in Wisconsin learned the hard way after a golfer trapped them in an over-turned port-a-potty last week.

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A stolen SUV hit several other cars before crashing into a guardrail in Glendale, Wisconsin, WISN reports. Following the crash, video showed four people exit the vehicle and flee, with two of them crossing Interstate 43 onto the Lincoln Park Golf Course. While one of them ran into the woods, the other decided the best thing to do was hide out in a port-a-potty on the course. And it might have worked if not for the actions of one golfer who decided to simply tip the port-a-potty over, trapping him inside.

Ilissa Boland was playing the course at the time of the crash and told WISN her friend Adam was the one to push over the port-a-potty with the suspect still inside. “Adam said it was really smelly, and he could hear the sloshing. So I could just imagine the stench,” Boland said. And while she didn’t capture Adam’s bold move, she did start filming in time to catch officers arriving at the scene to arrest the suspect who soon emerged from the port-a-potty and surrendered without a fight.

We have to imagine that if you’ve just been trapped in an overturned port-a-john, even the most hardened criminal wouldn’t have much fight left in them by the time you’re finally freed from your human waste slurry-filled prison. In fact, jail might actually feel like an upgrade over staying in there any longer. At the very least, jail would give you the chance to shower off. Unfortunately for the cops who arrested him, though, it doesn’t appear they were able to even hose him off before putting him in the patrol car. If they made it to the station without vomiting, they have stronger stomachs than we do.

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The actual victim here, though, is the child who Boland said was headed over to use the toilet when the suspect ran inside. Hopefully, they didn’t have to hold it for too long before finding another place to go. “It was a fantastic opportunity to be in the right place at the right time. Even if it was a crappy situation for the kid,” Boland told WISN.

Golfers trap suspect in golf course port-a-potty