Tesla offers factory vinyl wraps for the Model 3 and Model Y

Tesla offers factory vinyl wraps for the Model 3 and Model Y

There are all kinds of small updates and cosmetic goings-on in the Tesla universe lately. First, at the bottom of the range, the battery-electric automaker’s rolled out so-far limited availability of factory vinyl wraps for the 2023 Model 3 and 2023 Model Y. We’ll start with the good news about the customization. The gamut runs to seven colors as well as two clear options in gloss or satin for body color protection. The colors: Crimson Red, Forest Green, Glacier Blue, Satin Ceramic White, Satin Rose Gold (pictured), Satin Stealth Black, and Slip Grey. Each is composed of a self-healing vinyl urethane, they can be ordered through the Tesla app in v4.23.0 or higher, and the price includes installation with the caveat that the clear wraps don’t include the door jambs, the colored wraps do.  

Now for the other news. The clear option costs $5,000. Black, white, and grey cost $7,500. Blue, green, red, and rose gold cost $8,000. Assuming proper, professional installation, these prices are in line with the expense for a quality aftermarket wrap. We’re intrigued by the color selection, however, seeing that Tesla offers exterior paints in Midnight Silver Metallic for free, Pearl White Multi-Coat and Deep Blue Metallic for $1,000, Solid Black for $1,500, and Red Multi-Coat for $2,000. We’d expect a more lively selection of wrap hues. It takes five to seven business days to wrap a 3 or a Y, you’ll need to rent your own loaner if that’s a necessity. And for the moment, only the participating Tesla Service Centers we’re aware of are in West Covina, California and Carlsbad, California. 

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It’s possible this is a pilot program in advance of the Cybertruck’s launch. Telsascope tweeted (X’ed?) earlier this month that “Tesla will offer a Cybertruck wrap service with multiple choices within six months of the first customer deliveries” at prices expected to be around $8,000 to $12,000.  

Further up the model chain, the Model S and Model X offer a new Stealth Grey color for no cost. It’s another addition to the paint wheel for Tesla’s premium offerings after the company added Ultra Red in March and, back then, charged $3,000 for it. Now all colors are included in the S and X purchase prices.  

More substantively, Tesla showed off its Model 3 “Highland” that makes a lot of small, noteworthy changes to the electric sedan, including new sport seats for the Model 3 Performance, an updated Model Y codenamed “Juniper” rolled out in China, and it looks like there are some controversial sport seats headed to the Model S. Plenty to chew on while we wait for the Cybertruck and its tiny frunk, eh? 

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