These Are Your Car Projects for 2023

These Are Your Car Projects for 2023

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Photo: Greg Gjerdingen from Willmar, USA, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

A few years ago, I had to sell my 1970 Buick Wildcat convertible after being unemployed for eight months.




Fortunately, I found a good job and have been saving up for and new convertible for nearly two years.

My goal is to buy another convertible by July 2023.

No project car this time, I want something turnkey since i no longer have the patience or physical strength in my hands to do any major wrenching.

What a drag it is getting old….

Top of my list is a 1963 Olds Starfire Convertible that is currently in North Florida that the current owner is possibly looking to sell sometime next year. We just started talking around Thanksgiving and i am waiting for him to come up with a price.

The car is very similar to this one.

So, several months negotiating on the price of a car counts as a project, doesn’t it?

Starfire is a hell of a name for a car. I don’t care if DC Comics owns the word now, I want that back on cars. I want it on every car, actually.

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