Toyota's Crown Sport version makes its debut in Japan

Toyota's Crown Sport version makes its debut in Japan

The expansion of Toyota’s Crown range of continues without much rest between models, with the introduction last week of the Crown Sport crossover in Japan.

This latest flavor, with no initial plans for sale in the U.S., is to be first offered only with a hybrid setup, but a PHEV will be added in December. The anticipated price for the Sport in Japan is just below $40,000 under current exchange rates.

The SUV has a blunt front end with an assortment of thin headlights and a low hatchback silhouette shaping the rear and a fairly steep rear window. 

At 185.8 inches long, 74 in., wide, and 61.6 in. tall, the Crown Sport is shorter, wider, and taller than the 2024 Crown (196.1 in. / 72.4 in. / 60.6 in.) sold in the U.S. The wheelbase measures 109 inches, about three inches shorter than that of the regular model. It rolls on 21-inch wheels, a rear independent suspension and has rear-wheel steering.

The Crown Sport is available in Japan with two powertrain options. One is the regular hybrid powertrain with a 2.5-liter inline-four featured in the U.S.-spec Crown, where it rates in at 236 hp combined. The other powertrain is a new plug-in hybrid setup using the 2.5-liter inline-four.

The Crown Sport introduces Toyota’s “sound-regulating ceiling,” which is advertised a helping to maintain a quieter cabin environment. There’s a choice of six exterior colors and five bi-tone combinations. These choices can be paired with the new interior option in Sand Brown and Black.

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