Trufla Technology Becomes First Title Sponsor for Insurtech Canada

Trufla Technology Becomes First Title Sponsor for Insurtech Canada

CALGARY, AB, APRIL 27, 2022/insPRESS/ – Trufla Technology is excited to announce their partnership with Insurtech Canada, an Ontario-based community think tank for the insurtech space.

“Our focus is to help Canadian founded insurtech start-ups who are underrepresented get discovered, funded and launched into orbit, so they can scale their business domestically and internationally,” said John Harvey, founder of Insurtech Canada.

In 2022, Insurtech Canada is slated to focus on additional partnerships, like the one inked with Trufla, one of their first partners through sponsorship. In their first year of operations, Insurtech Canada launched its podcast Insurtech Canada, where Trufla’s CEO Sherif Gemayel appeared as a guest.

Insurtech Canada’s goal with the partnership is to emphasize that the Calgary-based company is a strong player in the national insurtech space, well connected to Alberta and the international community. The complementary partnership will allow Trufla to get exposure through the podcast, events and other initiatives in the insurtech industry.

Canadian Meetups to Increase Insurtechs’ Exposure

Insurtech Canada is venturing across Canada to co-host meetups in several provinces throughout Canada, including Alberta where Trufla is based.

Insurtech Canada’s meetups will include insurtech founders, insurance brokerages, MGA’s, insurance carriers, investors, and others in the insurtech space. Meetups will increase the opportunity for insurtechs to partner with Insurtech Canada to gain exposure through different programs and channels.

Insurtech Chapters: A Vision for 2023

Part of Insurtech Canada’s vision for 2023 is to represent insurtech companies by starting Chapters in major provinces in Canada.

“We realize that Canada has many unique and diverse communities across this massive country. We want to build meaningful and relevant ecosystems that attract innovative minds and create more economic opportunities locally where people live,” said Harvey.

The goal is to bring people together in the local insurance industry with key stakeholders to help companies like Trufla grow and scale in both Canada and beyond its borders.

Insurtech Canada’s efforts to help companies in the insurtech space expand outside its borders creates even more opportunity for global expansion and scale, which also attracts investors and startups to come to Canada to create jobs and stimulate the economy.

Insurtech Canada

Insurtech Canada is a community, incubator and think tank that cultivates innovation within insurance. They bring together investors, insurers, start-ups and other stakeholders in the insurtech ecosystem. Insurtech Canada cultivates connections and stronger dialogue between these parties, with an emphasis on creating awareness for new and existing Canadian insurtech start-ups. Insurtech Canada also brings to the table international community partnerships designed to help start-ups thrive and transform the insurance industry.

Trufla Technology

Trufla Technology is an insurtech built by brokers and engineered by top talent in the tech sphere. Our suite of products includes a web development platform, lead management tool, custom raters, and mobile apps. Trufla also offers various digital marketing services such as SEO and digital advertising.

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