Opens Exclusive Claim-it Insurance Referrals Program to Individual Producers

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Uber of Insurance is Expanding Access to its Real-Time On-Demand Referral Program, a leading player in the insurance industry, is thrilled to announce a significant development that will empower individual insurance producers across the nation. The company is expanding access to its industry-renowned real-time insurance referrals program, Claim-it ®, to independent producers, providing them with an unparalleled opportunity to enhance their client base and streamline their business operations.

Claim-it,’s revolutionary on-demand referral distribution program for independent insurance agents, represents a game-changing approach to connecting producers with high-quality potential clients. Unlike traditional leads programs, Claim-it delivers real-time notifications that alert producers to insurance buyers within their designated territory. These potential clients are not just leads; they are individuals actively seeking an independent agent to assist them in their insurance needs.

Key features of Claim-it include:

Inbound Leads: Claim-it provides a stream of inbound leads, eliminating the need for agents to cold-call potential clients.

Real-Time Notifications: Producers receive instant notifications whenever there’s a match within their preferred appetite and territory.

High-Intent Clients: Claim-it connects producers with clients who are actively looking for an independent agent, ensuring high-intent interactions.

Appetite Matching: The program ensures that referrals align with producers’ personalized preferred appetite, saving time and effort.

Exclusive Opportunities: Claim-it referrals are exclusive to the agent who claims them, reducing competition and increasing the likelihood of conversion.

Many agencies currently utilizing Claim-it have reported impressive results, with closing ratios exceeding 40%. These agencies have consistently praised the program’s exceptional client quality and intent-level.

Claim-it operates on a straightforward principle. Producers simply sign up and configure their preferred appetite. When a matching insurance buyer is in their territory, a notification is sent directly to their mobile device. If the producer wishes to assist the customer immediately, they can claim the referral with a simple push of a button. The referral becomes exclusively theirs. If they are unavailable or too busy, disregarding the notification incurs no cost, as another independent agent in the region will have the opportunity to claim it instead.

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“The growth of Claim-it has been nothing short of remarkable, with both referral volume and participating agents more than doubling since the beginning of the year,” said Chip Bacciocco, CEO of “We continue to expand capacity to accommodate the program’s growing popularity and are actively seeking motivated agents in every U.S. state to join the platform.”

In the past, Claim-it was exclusively available for purchase on an enterprise basis, primarily for entire agencies. However, recognizes the demand from individual producers who want to harness the power of Claim-it independently. Therefore, the company is pleased to announce its readiness to support these individual producers in their journey toward success.

Source: Trusted Choice