Westland partners with American association for equipment, event rental coverage

Fleet of excavator machines for rent

Westland Insurance Group and the American Rental Association (ARA) have announced an exclusive partnership to deliver insurance solutions to ARA members across Canada.

ARA is an international trade association for owners of equipment and event rental operations, as well as manufacturers and suppliers of rental equipment.

Together, Westland and ARA offer a commercial insurance package that includes liability, property (building, stock and equipment), contractors’ equipment that is rented or sold, and cyber insurance.

“Westland understands the complexities of rental and why insurance is so crucial to business operations,” said Tony Conant, CEO of ARA. “We’re excited to work with them and serve our members in all provinces.”

Members of Moline, Ill.-based ARA include more than 11,000 rental businesses and 1,000 manufacturers and suppliers in every Canadian province, U.S. state and more than 30 countries worldwide. This includes heavy equipment and tool rental for professionals and homeowners, party and event rentals (tables, chairs, tents, inflatables and similar items) and equipment deals with rental operations.

Available coverage includes:

Property (bespoke limits, deductibles and rating for building, stock and equipment while kept on premises)
General liability (up to $5 million per occurrence; up to $5 million aggregate per policy term)
Contractors’ equipment (coverage for rental and sales inventory at the store, on the road or out to rent. Replacement cost coverage offered for the first five model years. Comprehensive conversion wordings included)
Cyber insurance (coverage for first- and third-party claims, including cyber crime such as phishing scams, ransomware and electronic fund transfer fraud, and 24/7 incident response coverage
Excess liability (provides excess limits over general liability and auto liability; limits up to $10 million available).

The package is now available to ARA members across Canada.


Feature image by iStock.com/Juan-Enrique