Whole Life Policy – Infinite Banking Setup Advice

I am thinking about picking up a whole life policy, with the desire to try out the infinite banking idea. I own a business that always has large amounts of cash on hand for purchases, I do not buy things if I do not have the cash on hand (I do not do loans), and I do not have bills other than food and other general necessities. I have a decent amount of cash on hand outside of my business as well. I own multiple rental/investment properties with the goal of buying more. I am in my mid 30s, if that matters any. Based off the many days worth of hours I have researched, listened to podcast, watched videos, and read articles, this may be a good option for me considering my cash on hand retention habits.

I am looking for advice on how to approach this, what kind of verbiage is a must have to include into my policy, what kind of things should I make sure are excluded, or any other general advice on how to approach this.

If I am completely off with this avenue of thinking, I am open to criticism as well and will have no issue changing course back to my normal tried and true path (though might not be optimal).

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