6 ways to improve your financial health in 2023

6 ways to improve your financial health in 2023

Authored by ARAG

In recent months, debt charities have warned of a “new wave of people” being pushed into debt due to increasing rent costs and higher interest rates. Our partner, Vita Health Group, has some tips.

Set a budget and plan ahead

One of the most important steps you can take in managing your money is to set a budget. You may want to do this weekly or monthly, depending on your circumstances. When you have a budget, and you write down exactly how much you’re earning and spending, it’s more likely you’ll avoid unnecessary spending.

Set clear goals

You know it’s important to save, but saving without a specific goal can be difficult. That’s because it’s often tough to motivate yourself to save if you don’t know what you’re saving for. Whether it’s big or small, set yourself a clear goal. When you achieve it you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment that’ll help give you momentum on your saving journey. Write down your goals and put them up on the wall so they’re visible or set up targets in your banking app…

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