Which state has the least satisfied homeowners’ insurance customers?

Which state has the least satisfied homeowners' insurance customers?

Which state has the least satisfied homeowners’ insurance customers? | Insurance Business America


Which state has the least satisfied homeowners’ insurance customers?

Customers in this state pay some of the highest premiums

Customers in Florida are more dissatisfied with their homeowners’ insurance than customers in any other state, according to a new report from Clearsurance.com.

The report found that Florida homeowners deal with several issues that make homeowners’ insurance more complicated than in other states.

Among the most significant challenges faced by Florida homeowners is hurricanes, Clearsurance.com said.

According to the report, since Hurricane Andrew in 1992, the home insurance market in Florida has gone from 6% local providers to 70% local providers, with many national insurers pulling out of the state due to the high risk of claims. Many providers also have stringent restrictions on the age of roofs they will cover, although the report said that issue has recently been addressed by legislation.

Florida homeowners also often have to wait months for hurricane-related claims to be approved so reconstruction can begin, increasing customer dissatisfaction, the report said.

Florida residents are also frequently targets of insurance fraud and predatory practices, the report said. This results in insurers paying far more in claims in Florida than the national average. In turn, insurers must charge Florida homeowners higher premiums. Recent legislation also seeks to address this issue, Clearsurance.com reported.

Melanie Musson, an insurance expert with Clearsurance.com, advised Florida homeowners to shop around for coverage.

“Compare home insurance quotes between companies, and remember to include both regional and national companies,” Musson said.

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Homeowners can also save money by bundling insurance policies, according to Clearsurance.com.

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