Protect your car from theft: Top 5 tips

Protect your car from theft: Top 5 tips

Car theft in South Africa is a prevalent issue that shows no signs of improvement. In fact, SA Police Service’s crime statistics indicate that over 9,600 vehicles and motorbikes were stolen in just the second quarter of 2022, equating to a theft every 13 minutes!

As thieves become more tech-savvy, even resorting to smart keys and intercepting key signals, it’s vital to be proactive in protecting your vehicle. Wynand van Vuuren, the client experience partner at King Price Insurance, shares his top 5 tips to help deter car theft.

Choose a secure parking spot

According to Van Vuuren, where you park your car is pivotal to its safety. If you’re parking in a public area, choose spots that are well-lit and bustling with pedestrian activity. If your vehicle stays overnight in your driveway, consider installing a motion detector light – as thieves prefer working under the cover of darkness. A CCTV installation can further fortify your car’s security.

Invest in an alarm and a tracker

Most modern cars come with in-built alarm systems and immobilisers, which are great theft deterrents. ‘Visible devices, like an old-school steering wheel lock or the flashing light of an alarm system, could put off a car thief,’ says Van Vuuren. While a tracking device might not prevent the theft, it significantly boosts the chances of your car’s recovery.

Avoid attracting attention

Leaving visible items like wallets or mobile phones in your car is a surefire way to lure in thieves. Always lock valuable items, such as laptops or shopping bags, out of sight in the boot. Even loose change in the centre console can make your car a target, warns Van Vuuren.

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Secure your key signals

For those with keyless car access, a secure Faraday pouch (also known as a fob guard) is a wise investment. These pouches, lined with metallic material, can block key fob signals and prevent criminals from intercepting the signal to unlock your car. Alternatively, deactivating the keyless function is another option, suggests Van Vuuren.

Stay vigilant

Always be alert to your surroundings. If you suspect that you’re being followed, avoid driving home. Instead, head to a police station or a safe location. Keeping your windows up when stopped at an intersection is another crucial precaution.

Van Vuuren’s final word of advice is about car insurance. ‘While paying insurance premiums might not be appealing, insurance becomes invaluable when your car is stolen and needs replacement. If you’d struggle to cover the financial loss of your car if it were stolen tomorrow, it’s time to consider insurance.’

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