Why you can’t live without car insurance

Why you can’t live without car insurance

There’s an old saying: ‘Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.’ If you swap ‘life’ with ‘unexpected road incidents,’ you’ve hit the nail on the head when it comes to driving. No matter how much of a road maestro you are, you’re always 1 misjudged parallel park away from a financial headache without a solid car insurance policy. Enter stage right: King Price car insurance, the superhero cape for your car.

Comprehensive car insurance: Your car’s bodyguard

Just like having a personal bodyguard is cool (and let’s be honest, it makes you look important), having King Price’s comprehensive car insurance is cooler. It flexes its muscles when your car faces threats like theft or accidents. And while we can’t help with your charisma score, we can certainly provide peace of mind with our insurance plans.

The perks of riding with King Price

Buckle up as King Price’s car insurance plans are brimming with benefits to keep your ride smooth:

Accident cover: Because even if you’re the Mozart of motorways, accidents can happen!
Third party cover: Our way of saying, ‘Oops, sorry for the fender bender!’ to your fellow road users.
Theft and hi-jacking cover: When someone can’t resist your ride and decides to borrow it indefinitely, we’ve got you covered.
Cover for accidental damage caused by third parties: Protects your baby (we mean your car) from those with less-than-stellar parking skills.
Fire cover: If your car thinks it’s a dragon and breathes fire, we’re there!

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With several cover options, we’ll help you pick the policy that fits like a glove.

Tailoring your perfect ride with King Price

We’re like the car insurance version of a high-end tailor. Whether you want the full ensemble (comprehensive cover), or you’d prefer to mix and match (accident, fire, and theft cover, or just third party cover), we’ve got the tools to craft the perfect fit for you.

The King Price advantage: More than just a chuckle

King Price doesn’t just bring you affordable and customisable insurance options; we also offer a hearty dose of good humour. We believe that life on the road (and insurance) should be fun, not just functional. Trust in King Price, where we’re royally good at insurance and live up to our value of #FunWithALittleMadness.

Car insurance isn’t a luxury; it’s as necessary as a good playlist for a road trip. Don’t let the potholes of life get you down. Laugh in the face of uncertainty and ride easy with King Price today!



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Drive with peace of mind knowing King Price has you covered. With their comprehensive cover, affordable options, and a dash of humour, insurance has never been this enjoyable. Buckle up for a safe, secure, and smile-filled journey with King Price!


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