Do I need to provide proof of No Claim Discount?

Do I need to provide proof of No Claim Discount?

When you take out a public liability insurance policy with Tradesman Saver, we ask you to honestly declare any prior claims history. This allows us to provide a fair quote.

Initially, you do not need to provide documented evidence of being claim-free unless specifically requested during the application process.

However, if you go on to make a claim under your Tradesman Saver policy, we reserve the right to then request proof of your no claims declaration.

Why We Need Proof for Your No-Claims Discount:

There are a couple reasons we may request documented evidence after a claim:

To confirm previous claim details that influence payout amounts.To ensure no customer receives discounted premiums improperly through false declarations.

Requesting proof helps us process claims accurately and fairly for all customers.

Suitable Proof Includes:

Certificate of insurance from a prior insurerLetters from previous insurers confirming claims history.Redacted bank statements showing prior insurance payments.Insurer statements demonstrating length of policies held.

Do not worry about providing proof up front when taking out a new policy. Only if a claim arises do we request documentation, if needed.

Being transparent from the start allows us to offer fair quotes and avoid surprises later down the line.

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