Why Is Dark Web & Internet Monitoring so Important?


In today’s digital age, identity theft has become an increasingly common threat to personal and professional security. As an HR professional, ensuring that employees’ personal information is safeguarded against the dangers of fraud and other malicious acts is crucial. Unfortunately, many organizations still fail to offer a robust Identity Theft and Credit Monitoring plan. Here are reasons why dark web & internet monitoring is so important and how it helps individuals protect their personal information.

1) Dark web & internet monitoring can detect unauthorized use of employee credentials: Often, hackers will use a stolen identity to access an organization’s sensitive information. With proper identity theft and monitoring in place, HR professionals can detect such instances early and take necessary steps to prevent further escalation of the breach.


2) Identification of malicious actors: Cybercriminals and fraudsters often use the dark web forums to share stolen information and sell it to other criminals. Internet monitoring tools can help identify the parties involved in an information breach and help people take appropriate action.


3) Prevent identity theft with early detection: Without proper monitoring, it may be challenging to identify and prevent an identity theft event. However, with the use of internet monitoring and timely detection, organizations can protect their employees and clients from the devastating effects of identity theft.


4) Mitigation of financial loss: In case of a breach, a victim can take timely steps to limit the damage caused to the company and its stakeholders. Identifying the scope of the data breach and timely efforts to contain it can reduce the extent of financial damage caused.

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Get the Right Help

Employers show they are concerned about their employees if there is a corporate identity theft and monitoring benefit. The services are great but must be cost-effective. Having options that no one uses is not a good employee benefit strategy. Fortunately, Countrywide Prepaid Legal Services has an Identity Theft and Credit Monitoring plan that is affordable and offers the services the employees can use.


Employers Can Choose

Countrywide wants organizations to have the kind of benefits that all employees can use. Choice is essential, and clients are allowed to select from four separate plans. There are standard services such as credit monitoring & alerts, credit bureau reports, and ID theft fraud restoration services. The more advanced offerings include credit score trackers and family protection services. The client determines which is the best plan for their workforce, and Countrywide provides benefits administration and member services.


Empathy Matters to Countrywide

Any victim of identity theft feels vulnerable and anxious. Countrywide understands this and treats every plan member with a significant level of emotional intelligence. There is no such thing as a stupid question, and Countrywide listens patiently before answering. A client can expect that Countrywide will handle every employee with consideration. Existing clients comment favorably on how their employees are treated by Countrywide.


Taking identity theft and credit monitoring seriously is crucial for your employees’ security and the protection of your organization. With ever-increasing cyber threats and data breaches, HR professionals must take proactive steps to safeguard their company and its employees from the malicious activities taking place online. Therefore, implementing a robust Identity Theft and Credit Monitoring plan should be a top priority for all organizations. With the monitoring in place, HR professionals can detect fraud early, mitigate financial damage, and ensure compliance with legal requirements. Countrywide is the best vendor for this necessary benefit and is definitely worth your consideration.

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If you are interested in Countrywide’s Identity Theft and Credit Monitoring Plan, we encourage you to contact us at your earliest convenience. Countrywide appreciates all inquiries, and we are ready to answer all your questions.