3 Day Hospital Stay Uninsured , Never Billed by hospital but 4 months later billed by individual provider. Will hospital send bill ?

So this July my nightmare happened. I was in between jobs and so in a gap in insurance when I suffered a medical emergency that resulted in a 3 day hospital stay with one of them being in the ICU. My insurance has lapsed 2 days prior. Afterwards when I called the hospital to get ahead of the bill, they said none of my personal information matched their records and I couldn't even learn my balance.They requested I submit my SSN card and birth certificate to prove it was me for the bill! I had hoped this meant with the wrong information they couldn't bill me and that they'd write it off. It's four months and I just got a bill from an individual provider. Does this mean the hospital does have my information and I'll be getting a bill? I thought legally they had to give me a bill by the 11th day ? Is it possible the hospital will write off the bill but not the individual provider ? Should I call the hospital and try to gain access to my bill again ?

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