$300 IV Catheter that never happened.

I’ve been having more recent health visits due to a recent diagnosis. Had a visit in which required blood work to be done with the nurse practitioner monitoring/conducting the labs. They wanted to place an iv cath due to the lab requiring my blood to be pulled 3 separate times due to it being an ACTH stimulation test. The NP couldn’t get the iv cath as much as she tried and apologized over and over and I said it’s fine I knew I had bad veins and even warned her several times that she probably won’t be able to get it. She had another coworker pull the blood for her cause I guess she’s a better stick but that person was not allowed to place a iv cath I guess due to her position. The NP ended up injecting me instead IM & my blood was pulled 3 separate times from my arm directly. I looked at the bills for that day and I’m being charged almost $300 for an IV PUSH SNGL (96374). Am I valid in wanting to fight for this charge to be removed? My parents say to just let it go but it’s not like they’re paying for it? I’m not sure how I can even prove a Cather was never placed besides some messages from that day & a picture of my arms I sent to my mom when she asked how it went.

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