So in April I was married, in May we found out I was pregnant and in June we signed me up for insurance with my spouse and I contacted my employer to cancel my insurance with them. I very stupidly did not double check that the paperwork was processed and it was cancelled. Recently saw a bill from services rendered 3-4 months ago that shows the (what I thought was) old insurance paying and not my spouses. I contacted the provider and they said they have both on file and the new insurance won’t pay because they’re secondary. I did not even realize until that moment I somehow had both insurances.

I just called to try and cancel mine again, and they said I missed the open enrollment so I can’t just cancel, and referred me back to the office I spoke to in June to process the marriage appeal. Which, is of course closed for the holiday week so I’m not sure if they’ll give me grief being it’s been seven months since we got hitched at this point, and five months since I tried to cancel the first time. The first time they gave me a phone number and said to fax my marriage license with a form they gave me and a cover letter. Did that. Don’t have much else for the record that it happened

I am quitting my job entirely in about a month if not sooner because the baby is due January. Then my spouses will be my only insurance so I shouldn’t have to worry about the complication of two insurances for the actual labor and delivery.

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However, there were some explainations of benefits I was receiving in August-September from spouses insurance that now I’m concerned they’re going to retroactively change because I had reported to them that the insurance I got from work was ending the end of July and apparently it didn’t.

Is it likely they’ll go back and review and then charge me? There’s a few smaller claims between $50-$400 and there’s one that was from a lab test that was $15k that they covered completely. What do I do?

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