So I’m in a unique position where I can change my employment to suit my needs. I am currently a prn worker, there are multiple PRN levels (making roughly 13k a year, 25k, 50k). The only insurance offered at work appears to be catastrophic but meets requirement—I think—with an oop max and deductible of 8550, $103 a month. However, my kids get survivor’s benefits (I don’t get anything) of around 45k a year. We were on my husband’s insurance until October, he died in April. The kids qualify for peachcare (we’re in Georgia). Also, I have untreated MS because I lost insurance before I stopped breastfeeding (youngest is 1.5 yo).

I’m not totally sure, but are my options to: -go with the work one and just know I’ll pay over 9k before insurance covers anything? -drop to a lower level PRN and possibly qualify for Medicaid? -no insurance this year -quit and either get Medicaid or marketplace? -a different job that I can still get kids off the bus or work little enough that my parents are still willing to take care of 3 kids while I’m gone

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