Aero-ambulance service denied by Insurance

Good day everyone,I'm having the following situation:

Last year my kid (10yo) was transported in aero-ambulance from the city I live in TX to hospital at 3 hours away because local hospitals didn't have any availability for infants ICU. The reason of the aero service, the hospital said kid's condition was very delicate (super low levels of calcium or hypocalcemia), and based on what the hospital told us (after around 12 hours straight in the ER), kid's condition was very critical. They called all hospitals in the area, and confirmed they were not rooms for my son, so when they said to me and my wife that they only option was 3 hours away from were we live, the aero-ambulance was the right choice. Flashforward, my health insurance provider covered almost all expenses based on the premium I pay, which is OK (that part no problem), but they haven't covered the aero-ambulance service (more than $30k). Hospital has appealed that decision twice, and insurance has denied it twice, so at this point don't know what to do. Please, what would you recommend? Thank you.Oh by the way, my kid is fine. Fully recovered and carefully been taking care of.

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