Aetna provider directory has been incorrect twice now. What can I do to ensure that a provider is truly in network?

Preface: the PCP I was assigned to start with, I was told they no longer took my insurance before I had my first appointment. Strange, I thought. So I found another PCP office that said they take the insurance. I get a referral to a gynecologist, who I found in the provider directory on the Aetna website for my insurance. Two weeks of waiting and calling about the status of the referral, I'm told that the gynecologist also doesn't take my insurance, and neither does any other provider in that office, despite them being in the directory.

So now, what steps do I need to take to know if a provider is truly covered? I called another gynecologist office and talked to a lady who told me "I'm not sure what we take, but here's our tax ID so you can call your insurance and ask". So I did, and I was told yes, the provider is in my network (I am not sure if the tax ID made a difference or not). The website just shows they take Aetna and most major insurances. Should I contact billing instead for a more accurate answer? Who can check with my exact i surance? I'm just frustrated that the directory has been so wrong and sometimes even the office doesn't know specifics.

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