Affordable Employer Based Plan, Marketplace Subsidies and Clawback repayments for 2023

Hi I am extremely confused and panicking right now.

I have since the start of 2023 been on a silver plan with subsidies and cost sharing reductions for an income of $33,500 as as a single household. 25k of that comes from my part time W2 job and 8.5k comes from freelancing (this freelance work is already done, the W2 income is still coming in unless I am fired or quit, god help me).

I started what I thought would be a part time job in January 2023. They accidentally made me full time and offered me an absolutely TERRIBLE health insurance plan on July 1st, which I refused. It is both apparently "affordable" and adequate enough to remove me from my subsidies (I did the math and asked my HR department about the plan).

Apparently this removes my subsidies from July 1st until the end of the year (if i remain employed which i have to in order to stay alive…) and now I am going to be homeless! I can't afford to pay back $750 x 6 months of subsidies. This job was/is my only hope as I am very much disabled.

I have been frantically researching the "clawback" payments for 2023 and I do not understand them.

This is the website I am referencing

Please tell me that this "clawback" repayment cap applies to my situation.

If my income is $33,500 as estimated by tax time and continue being employed with my company that I turned a terrible, yet "affordable" and adequate healthcare plan offer away from (i said no to their offer). Will I owe the full 6 months of $750/month subsidies since I was offered this "affordable" plan?

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Or do these repayment caps take affect? Please please please tell me they take affect. I will only owe a penalty repayment cap of $900 according to this website? As opposed to $750 x 6 months?

Please help! My eyes are about to fall out I cannot read or understand this anymore than I do at the moment. I can not type correctly or sleep! I had no idea this was happening until a coworker told me! This was supposed to be a part time job! I did not realize being offered their obviously TERRIBLE plan compared to my plan would affect me! I was completely oblivious! Please help!

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