I currently have guardianship over my aunt and am in the process of reenrolling her in AHCCCS Arizona long-term care system benefits. I overlooked a detail, and upon discussing with the AHCCCS representative, it was highlighted that to qualify for the benefits, she should have less than $2000 in her account. Currently, she has just over $5000, mainly due to the two rounds of stimulus checks she received. Her only other income is from her Social Security, of which 95% is used to cover her skilled nursing facility expenses.
If I disclose that she has over $2000, will her benefits be immediately terminated? We intended to reserve a portion of those funds for her future funeral costs. Would it be inadvisable to transfer around $3000 to my personal account to prevent it from being counted? With the renewal deadline just a week away, how can I best handle this situation to minimize potential loss?

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