Am I getting screwed over by my employer? Moving to ICHRA

I found this sub while reading about HRAs, I am obviously not a health insurance professional and have had to learn a lot of terminology in a very short amount of time.

My employer is moving the company to an ICHRA type health insurance option. This change was touted to us as an option that would give us the most choice and save us money. I had a decent plan that was about $150/month premium and a $2k deductable, but now I am comparing other plans where the lowest deductable is around $5k.

But my options are very limited. The only money-saving health insurance plans (after factoring in the company’s fixed portion) are HMOs, and I’d rather be on a PPO like my 2020-2022 insurance. I have been comparing summaries vs. my personal care needs/expectations and no options measure up to the quality of the 2022 group insurance, but some are much cheaper premiums for higher rates of everything else. My options are “not great” and “much worse”.

If I choose the plan I like, my company goes from paying 75% of my premium to 55%. I have coworkers looking into leaving company insurance to go on government insurance plans because they can’t afford any options (either afford the money or afford the cut in care).

Am I getting screwed by my company? Why would they move to this kind of plan? What’s my best option here?