Hello, I just joined this group. I have a question: I moved this country about a year ago and the goverment helped me with Medicaid til I got my residency, but my uncle is being living here for about 2 years and he is a legal resident too (54 yo male with no disabilities). One of his neighbors (a social worker) toldo him about this Health care plan (for free) to be part of Ambetter by Sunshine health. He said Yes and she took care of the application. Now he is receiving constant mails about this Health care plan but he doesnt speak English so called me to read the letter. I don't really have experience on this matter so I'm doing the researche. That's why I decided to ask here for someone with more knowledge or experience. I already called the number provided, the customer service and the representative told me that it was a free health care plan. I just don't understand if he doesnt have any disabilities how can this be possible? I really don't understand too much about how things work here. He is working under (1099) form, being paid by contractors through checks. I'm just scared that this could affect his credit, his taxes or become a future problem with the goverment. This community doesnt allow pictures so I'm just gonna text part of the pay information that the letter says.


Previous balance: $0 Payments: $0 Past Due/ Credit balance: $0 Monthly Premium: $750.15 Adjustments: $0 Tax credits: $750.15 Total amount Due: $0 Due date: 11/30/2023

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We have several ways for you to pay your premium. (…) Pay your premium at the same time every month and never worry about late payments.

** To avoid processing delays, please remember to include the attached PAYMENT coupon with your check or money order**

Reminder: Your PAYMENT must be made by 11/30/2023 for coverage to be effective beginning 12/01/2023. If you hava already paid the full premium, please disregard this notice.

That is my doubt…if he has to pay for something or if this company is taking from the goverment to pay this bill and then my uncle having problems with the goverment when they see that he is getting checks from contractors under the 1099 form. I don't know if this is ok. Hope tho.

Thank you very much for reading so far and please help me understand.

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