Anthem BCBS (Virginia): Confusion about the claims showing as "eligible for reimbursement" from my FSA

Hey all. I have a Blue Cross Blue Shield policy through work, and an FSA attached to it. There are a few types of claims showing in my list of “Action needed: eligible for reimbursment” in claim activity that I am not sure about.

Claims from 2020 and 2021. The cutoff for 2021 was back in April I believe, and I requested reimbursement up to the total of my FSA balance for both years.

Claims that I know I used my FSA debit card to pay for originally.

Claims that are showing a “my responsibility” amount that is vastly different than what I actually paid (there is one that is showing an eligible reimbursement amount of ~$4000 because my insurance decided after my surgery that they weren’t going to cover it, but my doctor convinced them it was medically necessary and not elective, so I don’t actually owe that $4k).

Should I just ignore these? Or speak to customer support to somehow archive them or something? If I request reimbursement for one that isn’t actually valid (like one I thought I’d paid for myself and it turns out I used my FSA for it already, or one from previous years or that would put me over my FSA amount) can I get in touble for that, or would they simply deny it?

Any insight is appreciated. Thanks so much!!