Anthem Blue Cross (CA) says I have Kaiser and need a Coordination of Benefits but I don’t have Kaiser? Might be a victim of fraud?

I have been on my husband’s insurance plan Anthem Blue Cross for about 2-3 years now. I have not experienced any difficulties with health coverage until recently when I received a claim from Anthem Blue Cross about some labs they won’t be covering. When I called up, they told me it was because I had to coordinate between Anthem Blue Cross and my second insurance, which they said is Kaiser.

I’ve never had Kaiser and never signed up for Kaiser.

I called my workplace to see if they automatically enrolled me in their health coverage (which is Kaiser) and they have not (and none of my wages have been deducted for that coverage). I called my husband’s employer and they don’t even offer Kaiser. Then I called Kaiser, and they said I had no active enrollment and no profile in their systems.

They mentioned there was a potential that Covered California and/or Medi-Cal is connected to Kaiser in some sort of way and to contact them. I contacted Covered California and they told me that all applications and coverage were terminated in 2018. Checks out. I couldn’t get in touch with Medi-Cal b/c that goes through the Social Security office and the call wait times are like 2 hours.

What baffles me is that I was using my husband’s insurance fine for 2-3 years, but somehow now I’m having issues with a Coordination of Benefits. I once had Medi-Cal and/or Covered California, but I terminated mine and my entire family’s in 2018.

There was an incident about half a year ago where my SSN could have been leaked. Is it possible that someone is impersonating me for health insurance? Seems unlikely but if anyone can shed some light on what might be happening, please let me know. Thank you!