I, 45f, will be having a hip replacement at the end of the year, or shortly thereafter, on Long Island NY. Right now, we are covered under my husband's work plan, through United Healthcare. I have also recently switched jobs and will be eligible for coverage (cheaper to us, but similar benefits) in November. That will also be United Healthcare, though a different PPO. I did some searching in this subreddit and elsewhere.

I'm hoping someone can confirm- even if I had coverage frpm both plans, I wouldn't have any real financial benefit? I would still have to pay a full $500 co-pay for surgery, $500 for hospitalization, all other co-pays… And also not get any extra physical therapy visits beyond the 30/year limit?

Is that right? Also, I hate all of this and tell my kid to plan to move to a decent country during or after college. No one should be profiting off of other people's medical care, and no one should be worried about paying for care.

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