Any private health insurance suggestions?

Hello all, I am seeking some help finding a reasonable insurance plan as my choices for plans through the marketplace this year are just not viable for me. I am a student and only work part time, over 26 though so I can’t be on my parent’s insurance. Last year I was able to find a marketplace plan at a reasonable price, but this year that plan is not being offered and my other options cost a lot more a month on top of having large deductibles and copays.

I have some pre existing conditions that I have to watch and visit certain specialists somewhat regularly, as well as a few medications I have to take. I have applied to be considered for Medicaid and have been rejected. I went ahead and chose the best option I could so I wouldn’t be without any coverage, but it is too costly to be sustainable for more than a few months (and at least as I’ve understood from talking to a marketplace representative I can change or cancel the plan). Any suggestions on alternatives, anything else I might try through the marketplace or private insurance options?