Anyone else have terrible experiences with Surest / United?

As title suggests, just wondering if anyone else had any terrible experiences with this insurance provider, I switched this year since my employer's comparison chart between our many choices put this as the best possible option in basically any scenario, whether my family sees a doctor a lot or a little. I liked the idea of it, it has an app that shows how much your co-pay is before you go and that should be the end of it, in theory.

In reality, I've lost my PCP because after 2 hours of being on the phone with the insurance rep and the doctors office insurance lady, the doctor's office kept saying they weren't in network despite the app and the rep on the phone telling her it was.

Today, my wife was turned away from multiple urgent cares for the same reasons, despite the app saying they are in network. We even got told after offering to pay out of pocket that apparently, paying out of pocket when you have insurance is somehow fraud? not sure if anyone can elaborate on if that's true or bull****, from what I could find on google seems to be the latter.

Even when I go somewhere that does take it, it takes at least 45 minutes to an hour and a half before they can figure out "Oh, yeah you're in network" – even if we supposedly figured out the insurance pre-appointment over the phone.

Mostly a rant i guess but also curious if anyone else had similar experiences or maybe i'm doing something wrong, is healthcare really this bad?

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