Anyone ever gotten coverage and tax credit reversal from the Marketplace?

Long story short, I (22M) originally had health coverage through the Marketplace in the beginning of 2022, through my parent’s account and email that I didn’t have access to.

In June of 22, I get married, move to a new state, and called saying I need to change the email address so I can change my coverage. The Marketplace said that email addresses are unable to be changed, and that I will need to create a new account, since I can’t access my parent’s account. No big deal, I create my account, update my address and marital status, submit a new application, then don’t sign up for any more coverage. (Spouse’s work has coverage) From what I can tell, all is well.

In January of this year, my 1095 arrives at my old address and shows that my coverage and tax credits (that I no longer am eligible for at our new income) continued for the rest of the year.

I’ve called and explained my situations and am awaiting to hear from a case worker, but has anyone had any luck getting coverage and tax credits I applied after an error? Normally I wouldn’t worry, but it will add up to about $1500 in Tax Credits due to be paid back, all while I didn’t even know that I had coverage….