Applied for CoveredCA, confused about results. Slightly annoyed, help me understand.

A little annoyed with my overall insurance registration this year.

I work, 59k gross, 39k net. I have health coverage through work. Wife does not work and is pregnant no coverage at time of applying. Applied via coveredca, she got “limited medical” eligibility which just covers pregnancy related stuff, no primary physician or prescription related things.

I thought CoveredCA was a marketplace so I could get BlueCross or HealthNet or other health insurance providers for primary physician, prescriptions and all that and would just have to pay or pay extra. Why wouldn’t it let me pick an insurance provider and just forced the limited card on her?

The other annoyance is I had applied through HealthNet directly twice now, and they keep having technical issues losing my application. I confirmed with them I was applying in the right place. I would rather pay ~500/mo to get her proper coverage.

Now that she has “limited eligibility” wtf do I do with it, and can I get rid of it and get proper insurance?