CAN SOMEONE HELP ME UNDERSTAND THIS? I have only understood Medicaid before as it's all I've been on my whole life

What I need to know is, arethese insurance plans below bad? My spouse and I haven't figured that out on our own and likely won't.

I understand I need to pay 100% of my costs until I hit deductible and the monthly cost doesn't go towards that. My big concern is none of these plans even cover 100% ER visits.

For me I don't see a point keeping this job if I don't have insurance that helps anyone.

The options they give are Local Plus HSA, Core HSA, Premium HSA, and traditional PPO Cigna and it says CVS Caremark next to that.

Traditional PPO: annual deductible 1,500 Out of pocket max: 8000 Bi Weekly cost me + spouse: 416

Premium HSA: annual deductible 3000 Out of pocket max: 10,000 181 biweekly cost

Core HSA: annual deductible 6000 Out of pocket max: 12000 76.50 biweekly cost

Localplus HSA: annual deductible 6000 Out of pocket max 12000

As someone on medicaid, knowing NONE of these plans EVER cover 100 percent of an emergency visit or even urgent care, and I have to pay thousands before even getting a percent off, and i have to cut down my check to having nothing left over after rent and expenses because of this? It is literally better for me to stay on my food stamps and disability and financial aid than to switch. This seems like No Coverage to me. But I keep worrying I am not interpreting it right because of what they said because of certain issues I have. If anyone can help me know if these are Bad Plans, that would help because me and my spouse can't understand this. We were trying to do the right thing working for one of the "best employers" but if a 40,000 salary can't even cut it, I'm not working this job. Thank you for any help!

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