Best coverage option for ~6 months while unemployed?

I’m asking for my fiance who is has been out of work for about a year. We are getting married in about 6 months and then I can add her to my health insurance through work, but we are looking for something to help cover her during the gap.

Some details: We live in North Carolina. In case it affects what she is eligible for, she lost her job >1 year ago, so her income is 0, mine is a little over $100,000, we live together but aren’t married so I don’t know if my income counts toward her “household” income.

Our expected expenses that we need coverage for:

She has a lingering back problem from a suspected pulled muscle several years ago, and also knee pain from running. She wants to pursue a chiropractor’s treatment plan, I am encouraging her to look into physical therapy instead, so we are looking for something that would cover both options.

She has a few prescription medications that we are paying out of pocket with GoodRx discount, they are costing us about $200 a month total.

She also needs some dental work that she would want to get done before our wedding (I would guess roughly $1000-$1500)

With the expected expenses, I think we need to find something with $1000 deductible or less, otherwise I’ll end up just paying a premium for our plan + most of everything out of pocket before any benefits kick in. Roughly estimating PT visits about $100 per visit, once a week, that could add up to $2000-2500, then $1000 for dental, and ~$1000 in prescriptions. With a $5000 I would just barely be getting to the deductible. With a $2500 I would get past the deductible, but if I’m also paying $250+ a month for a plan I don’t see how it would save me much money, if any at all.