Brand Name Medication Coverage ?

I thought I was buying a good plan through my insurance over the years. I have a Cigna platinum plan that is supposed to be the best plan through my employer. But over the years the plan continued to cost more but the plan is being altered. At first my plan had brand name medication for $50 per month. Since there are 3 tiers and then the next year they excluded my medications from the tier 3 and made me pay the difference in price, which worked out to $225 per month. Now they added I need a prior authorization to even get the brand medications.
I know generics are supposed to be equivalent to brand but my plan seems misleading and they added the prior authorization mid year to really deter people from choosing the brand. I’m in California and I don’t think there are any plans hardly that offer brand name coverage anymore if there is a generic on the market. Now if I want to buy the brand it’s $1600 for a three month supply. It seems like the insurance plans are always tweaking their plans, even though the plan I originally paid for was different. I can ask my doctor for a prior authorization or maybe shop for a new plan next year since it’s open enrollment. Is there a plan out there that covers brand name meds?